Upside down Security Viewing ~ Sony EVI-D70 and EVI-D90 PTZ Cameras with E-flip

Sony continues its ability to be all things to all people when it comes to cameras!  Adding selection and flexibility to its industry-leading Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera line, comes the remote controlled Sony EVID-70 and the 28x SD Sony EVI-D90 color PTZ video cameras.  With a combination of high quality color video and the flexibility of remote PTZ operation, Sony’s EVID-70 and  EVI-D90 cameras provide all of this in a straightforward, easy to use, ceiling mountable (a first for Sony’s popular EVI cameras) compact package. These units come with an IR wireless remote controller, AD Adapter, AC power cable, ceiling bracket and operating instructions, and additionally, the EVI-D90 comes with a RS-422 connector plug.

With its 18x high quality optical zoom lens (48 degrees of horizontal view, and at full zoom 2.7 degrees), a wider and faster pan/tilt range, this high quality 1/4″ type 380k pixel ExView HAD™ CCD color camera, the EVID-70 PTZ color video camera allows users to remotely zoom in on a small or far-away object with exceptional precision – faster and smoother than its forerunner, the industry leading EVI-D30. The camera, in extreme low-light conditions, is sensitive to infrared beams not visible to the human eye. The infrared-cut filter makes the camera effective in both day and night conditions

All ceiling mountable, there are multiple EVID-70 camera models offered: the EVI-D70 – NTSC Version in Black Housing, the EVI-D70W – NTSC Version in White Housing, the EVI-D70P – PAL Version in Black Housing, and the EVI-D70P/W – Pal Version in White Housing.

The Sony EVID-70 is also outfitted with an assortment of convenient features: Auto IR filter removal for low-light environments, auto-focus, and AE spot setting custom preset function.  With its wide range pan/tilt of 340 degrees pan / 120 degrees tilt, and wide range pan angle of 170 degrees from center, it has a maximum pan speed of 100 degrees per second. The unit will tilt upward a full 90 degrees and downward 30 degrees. Its tilt speed is a maximum of 90 degrees per second, and can be desktop or ceiling mounted.

The camera has a digital zoom feature that adds 12x power to the optical lens zoom, while enjoying excellent low light sensitivity in a minimum illumination of less than 1 Lux.  With its 6 pre-set positions, the user may store up to 6 predetermined positions of the pan/tilt/zoom for instant recall. The presets also include picture parameters like white balance and exposure features. With an alarm function that can detect changes within the user-designated area of an image when a change is noticed, the camera output and alarm trigger signal to external equipment via the VISCA protocol.

The EVID-70 camera can be remotely controlled via either RS-232C (8-pin mini DIN) (available cables: 100 foot control cable, 25 foot control cable or 15 foot control cable), or VISCA/RS-422 (9-pin D-Sub VISCA) cables of 100 feet, 25 feet, and 15 feet cables. VISCA Daisychain cables connect multiple cameras together, and come in 100 feet, 50 feet, 25 feet , 15 feet, and 6 feet lengths. With the addition of external RS-232C communication and VISCA commands, the ability to remotely control this camera from greater distances is provided. Its E:Flip function (electronically flips an image upside down so it displays correctly when ceiling mounted), allows the unit to be mounted in the ceiling, broadening this versatile camera’s range of uses.

The new Sony EVI-D90 PTZ camera is a standard definition video camera that features a 1/4″ EXview HAD CCD sensor, a high zoom ratio AF lens: 28x optical zoom lens/12x digital, and robotic pan, tilt and zoom. SD video is output via composite or S-Video connections. The camera can also memorize up to 6 preset positions and uses utilizes the RS-232C or RS-422 VISCA™ protocol interface, allowing for effortless connectivity to multiple peripheral system devices.  An IR remote commander unit is also included. In addition, the new CCD and CMOS sensors offer added sensitivity than previous EVI SD cameras. With high speed pan/tilt/zoom functionality, this easy-to-use camera is an attractive addition to the EVI PTZ camera lineup. Best of all, this new camera is ceiling mountable, allowing for more flexible design-in options in many applications.

This Sony EVI-D90’s additional features include Wide-D function (Auto wide-D), image stabilizer, auto ICR function, progressive or interlace scan option, auto focus, alarm function, video output: VBS (RCA jack) and Y/C (4 pin MinDIN). With a horizontal resolution of 550 TV lines resolution, the features continue: E-flip Function, is both standard and ceiling mountable, has Image Stabilization, an option to choose between interlace and progressive scan mode, and is available in black or white housing. The camera’s low light minimum illumination: 0.65 lx (F1.35 50IRE) is perfect for dimly lit settings, making this new design concept the right camera for fitting the customer’s multiple environmental applications. Remote control ability, like the EVI-D70, comes via either RS-232C or  VISCA/RS-422 (available cables: 100 foot control cable, 25 foot control cable or 15 foot control cable), or VISCA/RS-422 (9-pin D-Sub VISCA) cables of 100 feet, 25 feet, and 15 feet cables. VISCA Daisychain cables connect multiple cameras together, and come in 100 feet, 50 feet, 25 feet , 15 feet, and 6 feet lengths.

This camera, like the EVID-70 comes in multiple models; the EVI-D90 – NTSC Version in Black Housing, the EVI-D90W – NTSC Version in White Housing and the EVI-D90P – PAL Version in Black Housing.

With so many similarities between the two, let’s talk about a few of the differences between the Sony EVI-D70 and the Sony EVI-D90 PTZ cameras. Some of those dissimilarities are:

  • Size:  the EVI-D70 is 132 x 144 x 144 mm (5-1/4 x 5-3/4 x 5-3/4 inches), while the EVI-D90 is larger, at  (145 x 164 x 164 mm) 5 3/4 x 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches
  • Weight:  EVI-D70 is 2 lb 2oz, (950g), while the EVI-D90 is a bit heavier, at 3 lb 3 oz (1460 g)
  • Resolution Lines: :  EVI-D70 has 470  TV lines, and the EVI-D90 has 550 TV lines
  • Auto Exposure: EVI-D70 Auto, Manual, Priority AE, Exposure Compensation, Back light compensation, and the EVI-D90 has Auto, Manual, Priority Mode (shutter priority & iris priority), Bright, EV compensation, and Slow Shutter AE
  • Power Requirements: EVI-D70  is DC 10.8 to 13.2 V, and the EVI-D90 is DC 12 V

It is safe to say, that these sleek EVI-D70 and EVI-D90 PTZ cameras are the ideal cameras for security applications, as they clearly put you right in the middle of the action! Additionally useful for distance learning, video conferencing, and just about any other video application where a remotely controlled camera gives you close-up access to your area of interest.

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