Watec WAT-902H3-ULTIMATE Monochrome Camera: Reliable Image Quality in Critical Environments

For many industrial institutions, a superior quality surveillance camera is a necessity to keep their locations secure and safe from possible threats, whether internally or externally. However, price has always been a concern, especially when cameras are going to be installed in more than just one area.

The Watec WAT-902H3-Ultimate is a high performance CCTV camera, one of the newest in the wide array of cameras offered by Watec.

More than just a conventional security camera, the Watec WAT-902H3-Ultimate is an analog monochrome camera that has a compact, lightweight body that makes it ideal for small spaces and critical environments.

Its total length is somewhere around 2.5″ and weighs only a little below 4 ounces, making it one of the lightest and smallest full-featured box-type security cameras that are available in the market today.

What Does It Do?

The Watec WAT-902H3-ULTIMATE is truly an affordable option among the array of high performance CCTV cameras out there. The competitive pricing does not stop it from producing and maintaining a high image quality level that is needed in the most critical round-the-clock security environments.

What Makes It Special?

The Watec WAT-902H3-ULTIMATE is designed to perform even in an extremely low light environment, thanks to its powerful picture controls, 1/3″ CCD sensor, along with an auto iris function and internal electronic controls that allow the camera to capture and produce clear, visible images in light levels that go as low as 0.0002 lux. These features are all packed into the small camera, making it a particularly smart choice for certain applications that require minimally invasive yet highly reliable 24/7 security monitoring.

logo_watecAbout the Manufacturer

Watec is internationally known for producing world-class CCD cameras. They specialize in designing and creating compact and lightweight CCD cameras for surveillance, FA systems, and image processing for over two decades. They currently have markets in more than 60 states worldwide.

The Watec WAT-902H3-ULTIMATE is only one of the small CCD cameras that they have produced. They are currently producing the smallest models in the industry, making them a standout in terms of manufacturing design, as they focus on versatility and easy installation of compact security cameras. Their goal is to continue releasing smaller cameras with higher quality and resolution.

USA Security Systems offer the Watec WAT-902H3-ULTIMATE at a price that is lower than many online distributors of surveillance products. Check it out here or call 888.875.6091 today for additional information and other concerns.

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