* Why consider the Sony EVI-D70 for Security/ Surveillance Projects?

There are many P/T/Z cameras available in the Industrial Security/ Surveillance market, so why look to the EVI-D70 from Sony?

  1. Sony already has a long standing reputation of producing-high quality color video cameras.
  2. Pan/Tilt/Zoom capable in a compact, easy to use package
  3. WIDER P/T/Z range and FASTER Pan/Tilt mechanism
    • 340 Degrees Pan/120 Degrees Tilt
  4. 216x Zoom Ratio giving exceptional clarity
    • 18x Optical, 12x Digital
  5. Excellent Low-Light Sensitivity: Minimum Illumination Less than 1 lux
  6. 1/4″-type EXview HAD CCD
  7. Horizontal Resolution
    • 470 TV Lines (EVI-D70/D70/W)
    • 460 TV Lines (EVI-D70P/D70P/W)
  8. Auto IR Cut Filter Removal for Low-Light Environments
  9. Auto Power-Off/Night Power-Off Function
  10. Alarm Function
  11. E-Flip Functions
    • Ceiling-Mount or Desktop Installation
  12. 37mm Mount for Optional Wide Conversion Lens
  13. Fully Controllable Remotely via RS-232C (VISCA) or RS-422
  14. Six-Position Preset
  15. Daisy Chain Capability
    • Up to 7 cameras
  16. EVI-D30/D31 Emulation Mode
  17. Is available in either BLACK version or WHITE version.

The EVI-D70, as shown above, has a flexibility that other cameras lack.

  • With the E-FLIP function, users are given the option of mounting their industrial camera via ceiling or desktop, whereas, other cameras come in either/or but not with both.
  • Very QUIET Pan/Tilt Movement
  • The camera has THREADS giving the user the ability of screwing on lens adapters, other cameras do not.
    • Wide Conversion Lenses increase camera’s field of view making it ideal for surveillance of parking lots or other large areas.
    • 2x lenses can also be screwed on giving more zoom power
  • ICR feature puts camera into Black/White mode making it a Day/Night Camera
  • RS-422 AND RS-232C (VISCA) control.
    • RS422 (differential) was designed for greater distances and higher Baud rates than RS232. In its simplest form, a pair of converters from RS232 to RS422 (and back again) can be used to form an “RS232 extension cord.” Data rates of up to 100K bits / second and distances up to 4000 Ft. can be accommodated with RS422. RS422 is also specified for multi-drop (party-line) applications where only one driver is connected to, and transmits on, a “bus” of up to 10 receivers.
  • Smooth Joystick Controller (RMBR300) makes the camera attractive for “On the Fly” controlling
  • ACCESSORIES include:


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