Why "Dummy" Surveillance Cameras might not be a smart investment

“eye in the sky” mini-dome PTZ cameras that have a more aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive look? Or are you more interested in the “in your face”, fixed, boxed housing look you tend to see in parking lots? Either way, there are cameras available that fit the needs of any application at many different price levels. Contacting a professional about qualifying your needs would be my first suggestion so that you don’t spend hours on the Internet spinning your wheels only to find out the system you want is not in your budget. Another reason to start with a professional is because chances are, they may have everything you need for your system in one package. They can tell you what camera will best fit your requirements and the accessories to go with them, whereas, trying to put together a system on your own can become tedious. Trying to figure out what cables, controllers, lenses, recording systems, monitors, etc. are compatible with the camera you want, in addition to whether you can easily work with the camera technology (USB 2.0, FireWire, GigE, etc) is a hurdle most people find frustrating when trying to get their system up and running. So, before you run out to set-up a “dummy” security system, it might behoove you to at least consider some of the more less expensive industrial surveillance cameras available as an option. Industrial grade cameras have a longer life span then consumer grade cameras in addition to the fact that these cameras have housings available that are built to be “more ruggedized” to withstand more extreme weather conditions. surveillancesign   (2008, October 1) Fraser, D. Cole Park Tagged Again, Securiy Camera Not in Use. KRISTV.com. Retrieved on October 2, 2008 from http://www.kristv.com/Global/story.asp?S=9109044&nav=Bsmh]]>

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